Dating basics

We began to hang out in the same friend circle. I was terribly nervous, she was not.

Dating Basics

A couple of weeks later I asked her out again. Two dates down and I was still in like.

I paid for both the dates so that there would be no confusion that these were dates. I knew that she would love them and I wanted her to know that I liked her a lot. She loved the flowers. Our times together changed. She was in like too.


We spent a day together where she introduced me to some of her friends from outside our college. By now it was clear that we were on the brink of a dating relationship. Late that same night we started dating. In fact, by now we knew that we loved one another.

Dating Basics |

Our times together had been sufficient enough and our conversations significant enough for us to say this to one another. We knew that the main purpose of our dating was to determine if we wanted to marry one another. What would have been the point otherwise?

Q and A: Dating Basics Part 1

There was no need to discuss if we should get married since that is the point of engagement. We met, we liked, and we loved, so we married. We showed each other where we were at in our friendship, dating relationship, engagement and ultimately marriage with our actions. We did not find a bench in the park and talk ourselves blue in the face, we let our relationship develop naturally and as it progressed we adapted ourselves to the new stages, expressing our like and love in words and actions. When I thought she looked beautiful, I told her. When I wanted to show her that I loved her, we went somewhere nice or I gave her a gift.

Dating? Four Basics to Keep in Mind

When I wanted the campus to know that I was in love with her, I wrote it in large letters and put it in my dorm window true story. What I never did was schedule a DTR. My advice to college students today or at least the ones that I work with is to quit thinking so much.

Relationships are really not rocket science, especially if you believe that God made us to be relational people. If you see a guy or girl that you think is attractive, introduce yourself. Consider a group date: Many companies explicitly state in their HR rules that dating a co-worker is a no-no. Take cues from your relationship however brief: You will receive an email very shortly containing a link to reset your password.

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Dating Basics

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