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The Story of L. Additional releases will be announced throughout Also, as previously reported, The Doors will be releasing a special L. Click here to learn more about that. Love Her Madly Been Down So Long Cars Hiss By My Window Crawling King Snake On December 12, the Doors played the Warehouse in New Orleans for what turned out to be their last live performance with Morrison. He sat in front of the drum platform in between Krieger and Manzarek's solos, but did not stand up to finish the song. The Doors agreed to stop touring and focus on completing L.

For years, fans speculated over the possible recordings of the New Orleans concert. In , George Friedman, a stage manager of the Warehouse, revealed he had a reel to reel recording of the gig secured in a safety deposit box. The Doors tape, along with a stack of other Warehouse show tapes, were cast off and left behind as debris during the move". Woman was released on April 19, According to Jac Holzman , chief executive officer of Elektra Records: The Doors' faces were printed on clear film.

The backing color of the inner sleeve could be changed and would affect the mood of the package. This is the first album in which Jim is bearded [on the cover]. His photo is on the right, no bigger, no smaller than the others, just another guy in the band. Three months after release, on July 3, Morrison was found dead.

There had been discussions between Morrison and the others for future recording after he returned from Paris. An additional single, "Riders on the Storm", was released in June, and reached number 14 on the Billboard chart, while managing to peak at number 22 in the UK chart. The album received mostly positive reviews. Rolling Stone ' s Robert Meltzer was impressed by the sense of fun and the togetherness of the band, saying it was "the Doors' greatest album" and the best album of the year.

Woman as "uneven", but noted that the album contains compositions that "rate among their finest and most disturbing work". Woman to be "the sound of a band in perfect harmony". He describes the Doors' material as "disturbing and cynical over the years, and these songs were no exception". Woman still stands proud, an all-time classic journey into bright shining darkness. PopMatters ' s Nathan Wisnicki said Morrison's lyrics were less pretentious than previous work because of L.

Woman ' s "more conventional blues". Hogan describes the album as an expansion on the style from Morrison Hotel , but in a more coherent form. He also believed L. Woman was a fitting swan song for Morrison, who was pleased to finally record a blues-oriented album. It's one of those early-'70s records that comes off like a beleaguered hangover from the end of the '60s.

Botnick later produced and mixed a new 5. It was produced from the original eight-track analog 1" master tapes.

The Stories Behind the Songs of the Doors’ Last Hurrah, ‘L.A. Woman’

Woman was digitally remastered as a part of "The Years of the Doors" series. It was reissued in an expanded format on January 24, , by Elektra and Rhino Records , with seven alternate versions of songs, and two previously unreleased tracks, "She Smells So Nice" and "Rock Me". The Story of L. The film includes interviews between Krieger and Densmore, as well as live and studio performances.

Source for this section are as follows: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Woman Studio album by The Doors.

"The Changeling"

March " Riders on the Storm " Released: I'm glad that L. Woman was our last album It really captured what we were all about. The first record did, too, but L. Woman is more loose, it's live — it sounds almost like a rehearsal. Archived from the original on December 29, Retrieved April 12, Woman — 40th Anniversary Edition Review". Archived from the original on June 28, Retrieved May 10, Retrieved July 15, Riders on the Storm: My Life with Jim Morrison and the Doors. Random House Publishing Group.

The Life and Death of Jim Morrison ". Retrieved October 15, Retrieved October 18, Waiting for the Sun:

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