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I, for one, believe it's a personal choice. When I go to Uganda with my family, I don't meet a British person and start accusing them of stealing our gold or our copper. I'm more curious about them as a person. Unfortunately, some in Finland often help feed the stereotypes.

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I don't want to generalize but more than a few Finns readily buy that we're here for the women or the jobs and this is a pity. Because there's been such a surge in right wing political parties, this accusation gets thrown around quite a lot. I know that it has been said that African men don't value a woman's rights, and that men are on the top and women are on the bottom, but I don't personally believe that. She's a woman. I'm a man.

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We're not any different. This reflects in our relationship. From the household finances to the kid's upkeep. If she drops the kids off to school in the morning, I pick them up in the afternoon and vice versa. If I put them to bed tonight, she will do it tomorrow. It's balanced. Some things happen organically. Some things we talk about.

The purpose is to have this mutual respect, acknowledgment, and support. I believe these are the qualities we were looking for. I don't think that qualifies as taking. It was a courtship that led us to where we are today in our relationship. He is currently in a committed relationship. What has been your romantic experiences with Finnish women?

In my work for an ad-agency in Detroit Michigan, I met a Finnish couple and, when they traveled back to Finland, they introduced me to a Finnish lady. After a 9 month courtship I moved to Finland in I've heard it but I don't think I've ever considered it as being a serious stereotype. I've heard it more as an off-comment or a joke. Link a wink wink and elbow nudge kind of thing. I've heard it a couple times. We had 2 kids but ended up in a divorce but now I'm in a relationship with another Finnish woman for the last 7 years. When I hear that stereotype I don't think it's a factual statement.

I just laugh at it because it's kind of absurd to think about someone taking women. Take me! It's absurd! I think it's more of an insecurity that some people have whether they're a Finnish man or a Finnish woman who say foreigners are in Finland to take its women. Maybe it's because, for one thing, they don't want more foreigners here and that's a discussion happening nowadays with lots of different migrants from the Middle East and Eastern Europe coming here looking for a better life because they might be running away from war.

Whether he's Black, White, Asian or whatever. It doesn't matter.

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It's just rude and obnoxious. But I think it's more like a lack of confidence in oneself or in one's own national identity. If a Finnish guy says that, maybe he's had poor relationships with Finnish females in the past and perhaps would want to instigate or try to get somebody to react to a comment like that by either saying it to an [intercultural] couple or a man at the bar or saying it to a woman who's dating somebody else [a foreigner] just to try and provoke them.

It is easier to stereotype people and their intentions when one sees them as part of a group rather than as individuals. The point of this piece was to remove these people from the shadows and cast a light on them as individuals so their unique stories can be heard. Most of the foreign men and Finnish women I interviewed for this piece did not necessarily plan on being in intercultural relationships.

They just happened to fall in love, start relationships, or become romantically involved with someone from a different culture. Though one interviewee believed foreign men were taking foreign women, I believe her viewpoint was well-intentioned and not bigoted and honestly expressed a point of view few are brave enough to say aloud.

What I learned from most of these interviews, however, is that the idea of taking a Finnish woman, or any woman, is absurd because no human being belongs to another.

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Moreover, the roots of the stereotype may stem from a fear of the other. In times of economic, political, and social insecurity people look for an easy scapegoat to blame for their problems. Those who hold on to this bigoted stereotype wrongfully fear they are losing romantic possibilities, employment prospects or their place in society to foreign interlopers.

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Are foreign men taking Finnish women? We are not. World news International news Finland in the world press. Lifestyle Tools Print. Finnish women: Henriikka Saari , 30 name changed is an IT manager at a leading software company in Finland and only dates foreign men. What has been your romantic experiences with foreign men? Tell me more about your relationships with foreign men Foreigners are often ready for anything.

It's easy to get compliments, and foreigners tend to focus more on their woman's appearance Milla Vaahtera , 34 is a designer and teacher who teaches creative thinking and is in a committed relationship with a Finnish man but who has dated foreign men What has been your romantic experience with foreigners?

Tips for Women Travelers in Finland

Foreign men: Lincoln Kayiwa, 36 Uganda, Africa is one of Finland's most successful entrepreneurs in the design world. He is currently in a committed relationship What has been your romantic experiences with Finnish women?

Conclusion It is easier to stereotype people and their intentions when one sees them as part of a group rather than as individuals. By Troy L. Whatever Happened to Nokia? As in agriculture, the government has long played a leading role in forestry, regulating tree cutting, sponsoring technical improvements, and establishing long-term plans to ensure that the country's forests continue to supply the wood-processing industries.

To maintain the country's comparative advantage in forest products, Finnish authorities moved to raise lumber output toward the country's ecological limits. In , the government published the Forest plan, drawn up by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Private sector employees amount to 1. The average cost of a private sector employee per hour was Gender segregation between male-dominated professions and female-dominated professions is higher than in the US. The unemployment rate was 9.

As of [update] , 2. The average size is 2. Residential buildings total 1. The average residential property without land costs 1, euro per sq metre and residential land 8.

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  4. There are 2. The average total household consumption was 20, euro, out of which housing consisted of about 5, euro, transport about 3, euro, food and beverages excluding alcoholic beverages at around 2, euro, and recreation and culture at around 2, euro. However, second quarter of saw a slow economic growth. Unemployment rate fell to a near one-decade low in June, marking private consumption growth much higher. Finland has the highest concentration of cooperatives relative to its population. As of [update] , Finland has roughly the lowest industrial electricity prices in the EU equal to France.

    In , the energy market was around 90 terawatt hours and the peak demand around 15 gigawatts in winter. This means that the energy consumption per capita is around 7. The fifth AREVA - Siemens -built reactor — the world's largest at MWe and a focal point of Europe's nuclear industry — has faced many delays and is currently scheduled to be operational by —, a decade after the original planned opening.

    The Onkalo spent nuclear fuel repository is currently under construction at the Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant in the municipality of Eurajoki , on the west coast of Finland, by the company Posiva.