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How to set up spoolgun to miller trailblazer

I'm not sure about the trailerblazer per se, but you need to look at the "SGA C" The 'C' is important because its the contactor version that you need with live power supplies like a typical generator. It looks like the C will do everything for you except supply the voltage. You should have a switch setting for remote wire feeder - you will not have remote sense wire feeding.

Originally posted by shade tree welder View Post. Pictures are worth a words! Yes Railman I would like to see how you did it. Does the have the two stage trigger for gas then arc similar to the 30A, or is it just on off like the spoolmate ?

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Saves time by eliminating the need to walk back to the welding machine to change the wire feed settings. Easy access to drive assembly reduces service time by allowing easy access to drive rolls or performing routine maintenance without disassembly of gun. Built-in gas valve eliminates the need to purge long gas lines.

Gas lines routed internally means that the gas line won't get in the way of the work. Hinged wire spool cover makes it easy to access wire compartment.

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Pressure lever for easy loading and unloading of wire. Adjustable drive roll tension for feeding different types of wire.

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Easy to remove barrel options with several optional barrels allows welding in tight spaces and corners. Spoolmate Curved Barrel Assy.

Spoolmate 200

Spoolmate 9 in Straight Barrel. Spoolmate Heavy Duty Barrel Ideal for demanding applications. Load 3 More View All 7. All MIG guns are not created equal, and heavy-use applications require a careful review of rated output, size, components, and application requirements. I really didn't mean to shit in your post toasties so early in the morning.

MIG Welding Aluminum with a Spool Gun

Its not really so much about cost really its the ability to do it just because i can I am gluten free so no post toasties But I was on drinking my Navy coffee, and you don't fuck with a sailors coffee!!! Red will back me on that! As Walker said get a Spoolmatic 30A gun, it will last you a long time, it is a solid unit.

Miller Spool Gun

They are worth the money, and parts support is there. That goes on my Trailblazer to run my 30A gun.

WCA with contactor https: If I was serious about using a spool gun and had the cash I would at least put an esnipe bid on it. There's even a couple of Spoolmatic 30A's for half off or less. If you are a little patient you should be able to put the kit together. I would say the WCA is a have to have with your power supply. You can probably roll the dice on the spool gun but the contactor is a have to. WCA is what you need, the A is important.

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  • Don't get the W version. I did assume the 'A' was vital I will check the one at the pawn shop later on today providing I'm not chained to something by the ole lady..

    1. Miller Spoolmate 100, 150, 200 and 3030.
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    I mean under her saddle I'll wait till she needs something from the grocery store and take the scenic route I agree about the 30A. They DO hold their value well, especially if you take care of them.

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    I've bought and sold about a half-dozen over the years. This is for lightly-used specimens. A beat-up gun isn't worth much as the parts to make it "newish" are quite expensive.