How to get to know someone before dating

Even if you were in a codependent or unhealthy relationship, you can—and will—change these patterns by honoring yourself, knowing and sticking to your standards, and requiring in a healthy and loving way that others love and honor you as much as you love you. When you do decide to date again, approach it as an adventure rather than a burden. Prepare yourself as much as possible, then let go, have fun, and trust the process. You get to choose whether you will date a little or a lot. Learn what you might want in a future partner by meeting people and having fun.

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More than anything, dating is an opportunity to be exposed to new thoughts, environments, and lifestyles. We can approach dating as a fun challenge. How can we get to know what really makes the other person tick? Most importantly, we can enjoy the process of noting how we feel when we are around this person. Is there a lightness and joy or an anxious pit in our stomachs? Is there ease or awkwardness? Are there feelings that something is just "not right"?

Practice nonattachment, rely on your personal support system, and stay curious about other people's worlds.

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Learning how they fit in with yours can be a joyful process rather than a painful one. Now, after three years of healing from divorce and casually dating, I'm in a new relationship. It will bring up our vulnerabilities and fears like nothing else can. When we enter the arena with an arsenal of self-love, high standards, and an understanding of the process, we can create and enjoy the ride of a relationship at a much deeper level.

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Here are most important lessons I learned about finding true, lasting love: Stay single until you can be sure you're starting a relationship for the right reasons. Other people want to park their butt on a beautiful beach and not move for 7 days except to pick up a new drink.

You can compromise and do things you both enjoy, but you should know what their preference is. This is super important, because you need to be able to speak this language to him in order to support him through difficult times.

Where he wants to plant roots. Does he like big cities or small towns? Does he want to move away from the place you met one day?

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Where does he want to raise children if you have them? What he absolutely needs to do in order to unwind. Some people need to come home and turn on trashy reality tv or play video games or be outside or get a good workout in every single day. What his issues are. You should have some idea of what this is for him and be willing to walk with him as he figures it out.

Whether he respects people who are different than himself. What his views on couples therapy are. Best to find out now. To ensure that doesn ' t happen, you have a bit of work to do. Call it a little extra credit, if you will. Before you start dating someone, we ' re tasking you with knowing these 10 important things about them so your relationship can start on solid ground. Are they completely over each other and don ' t talk at all? Are there lingering feelings still there? Or are they really close friends, but know they ' re better off that way?

Being aware of this situation will help you better determine if they ' re worth pursuing. Because why date someone who ' s still not over another person? Exactly, you wouldn ' t want that.

And we sure as heck don ' t want that for you either. Are they close with their family? Do they treat their parents with respect, even if they don ' t get along? Do they have a lot of friends, a tight-knit group or none at all? It ' ll take a lot of digging to figure this out, but knowing their relationship with the closest people in their life will give you a glimpse into how they ' ll treat you.

So if they have no friends and don ' t ever want to be associated with their family, they might be trouble and we ' d advise you steer clear.

Unless you really want to go for it, because who are we to judge? Some people have packed schedules and others are pretty free. Being aware of their schedule beforehand will let you know how much time they actually have to spend with you. This isn ' t to say you shouldn ' t pursue someone if they have a lot on their plate. It ' s just nice to understand why they ' re a slow texter or can ' t always hang out—it ' s not that they don ' t want to, it ' s just that their day-to-day activities take up a lot of their free time.

Now, if you ' re looking for someone to spend all your hours of the day with, don ' t go chasing someone who barely has time to breathe.

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There ' s this notion that once you start dating in someone in high school, you ' ll be with them for the rest of your life.