Dating two guys friends

Now Jerry and I met shortly after I met Tom. I would find out later that Jerry wanted to ask me out too. Recently however, Jerry asked me out. I thought about it and I am not averse to the idea. I figured since I am not committed to anyone, I am not accountable to anyone.

On one occasion however, Tom called me while I was out with Jerry. I would call him back later that evening and Tom never said anything about my going out with Jerry. On a second occasion, Tom called me and I told him I was out with Jerry again. This irritated him and soon after we talked about it. You see, I have always been reasonable in dealing with relationships.

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I have noticed that he has been exerting more effort to keep in touch during the week after that talk. He said if he sees me once a week or if he gets to spend time with me when he can he is fine with that. He understands that I may need more time than that. So he said it is okay with me to go out with other people.

I'm in a real big pickle. Found out I'm dating two best friends

Anyway, lately though Tom has exerted more effort to see me. Jerry on the other hand keeps trying to see me everyday. In the end I will have to choose. But I want to choose when I am comfortable and when I want to already. However, in the grand scheme of things, these guys are transients in my life. Their culture has already determined that.


I feel like Jerry is more emotionally invested in me. I feel that should I decide to stop seeing Tom, Tom will be okay with it. Tom is used to being alone after all.

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Last Honest Guy, am I being selfish if I keep seeing both of them? I admit I like the attention I am getting. However, I still have to figure out how I feel about both.

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Guys talk about that…I remember even when I was on tinder myself and the friend of my current bf told him… I find it weird they are suddenly both pursuing you, one even added you on FB and none of them tells the other about a girl they like and want to date…. You never know, they could just be in a same group of friends and not super close, and they could discuss with eachother and decide if one wants to back away, etc. If they were best friends I have a feeling they would have talked about girls they were seeing and figured it out.

I have a funny story regarding a very awkward situation that happened to me. I went on a date with a guy two summers ago who I met briefly at a party. He was a really arrogant guy and when he walked me home asked to come upstairs.

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I never wanted to see him again because he seemed like the type of guy who thinks girls just do whatever he wants and was just looking for sex. The following March, I match on Tinder with a guy who pursued me pretty aggressively. He invited me to go to a baseball game with him and his friend who was also bringing a date.

This guy added me on Faceook BEFORE the date, and I did a bit of snooping before the date and noticed he and the jerky guy had photos together, but I had already committed to the date and figured — what are the odds? OMG imagine the look on my face when we all meet up to go to the game together and it IS the jerky guy. I just knew when I had to go to the bathroom that they would talk to eachother. Turns out — this second guy was even WORSE than the other one — totally infatuated with himself and absolutely condescending.

Going out with two guys who happen to be friends

It gets better — a month later the second guys older brother who looks just like him boldly approached me at a bar and spent the whole night trying to get my attention. Needless to say — I want nothing to do with these people!! I had a guy I was dating during my junior secondary but we quit without having any problem just that I found no reason to date then and knows nothing about dating.

I have messed up myself a lot and am dying of regret.


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