Assassins creed 4 multiplayer matchmaking

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From Brotherhood up until AC3, I have been late to the party. It only takes 1 level 50 prestige I dont even care to ruin a game for everyone. They should just name the first 10 levels "Fresh meat" because no one knows how to play and nor should they. I could start up matchmaking right now and be pitted against the best players of the game ever.

Thats not fun for me, and it might not be fun for them either. I just want to stop playing I want people my own level. I've had 1 game, one glorius game, where the people I was against were of roughly the same skill level and the tactics they deployed, were simplistic and it was brilliant fun.


Then some level 50 asshole came in and He's playing to his skill level and I'm playing to mine. Why are we punished for that? On another point, I might not know how to use a smoke bomb correctly, but I'd sure appreciate the ability to use one when all my opponents are.

I found it easiest to almost pretend the super high level people weren't there. If it was a contract-based game mode and I was assigned them, I'd hang around and pretty much just wait for my kill to be stolen and then go get a ground finish and move on. Then, as I got better and more confident in my skills, I'd start to actually engage them. I'd usually get stunned, but I'd see what they did and learn to watch out for those tricks. Slowly, I got better. Now, though I haven't played in a long while, I'm prestige 5 and can play with people of much higher level than me and still hold my own.

People complain constantly about tutorials holding their hand online yet I understand exactly why they do it. People are retarded and will ignore it anyway and still complain. One of the main issues is poison. Poison provided a massive boost in points and was locked behind progression. So in order to compete against a competent player, you would always be at a disadvantage of points per kill. Additionally, it meant that the other player doesn't have to backstab their target, just walk past them.

The multiplayer was awesome! I don't think they removed it because it was bad, I think they removed it because they had to release new versions every year, and support them. I think they'll come back to them in the next game, just very costly supporting servers for old games that aren't full.

Nothing, it was fucking brilliant. But then so are a lot of multiplayer games. The problem is that new players try the multiplayer, realise that the core base of players are good af so they give up - multiplayer population remains small. Yep, I loved the multiplayer on PC but even on that platform the population died off really quickly. The co-op was interesting, but shouldn't have replaced PvP. Then with syndicate they removed it altogether and I didn't buy it because of that. You should gove Syndicate a try. I'm really enjoying it.

The gameplay is the best in the series. The combat flows remarkably well, much better than previous titles.

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  7. The plot isn't great, but I feel like it wasn't supposed to be. Previous titles have a lot of depth and human emotion added to them, where Syndicate doesn't. It replaces it with good ol slap stick comedy.

    Welcome to Reddit,

    I've laughed several times at the dialogue, or a characters reaction to something. It feels more like a sandbox than action adventure.

    They added much more "action" from just being out on the streets. Numerous encounters with enemy soldiers, or the various quick side mission you can do as you proceed to your next mission. You also have allies now. With the right skills you can recruit up to 5 friendly gang members.

    What was wrong with Assassin's Creed Multiplayer? : Games

    They follow you around and you have simple follow controls you can give them. I've probably had as much fun just getting a group together and waging war in the streets than I do the missions. The stagecoachs are the coolest fucking thing ever too! Your followers can drive them too, so you can get a convoy of a few wagons going. Nothing else in the series can compare to pulling up to a enemy strong hold with 2 wagons in tow, all 6 disembark, and charge into the enemy after a volley of gunfire. It was my favorite multiplayer of any game series hands down. The problem was it took time to understand the game to a level that you knew what was happening and "what the hell why did i just die" turned into "oh damn he got me good.

    I hope so badly that they will bring it back in the next game but I know there is a slim chance of that happening. Skill grouping is important on even basic multiplayer games, but this game was extremely frustrating going against higher skilled opponents, because you couldn't even get a lucky kill or two, you'd get absolutely fisted for 15 minutes before quitting. If there was a proper ranking system that grouped people well enough nothing is perfect but even coming close like OW or CSGO I feel the multiplayer would be even more successful than the games themselves. Starting out, the easiest, effective way to get a high score was just to run at people and kill them as many times as you can.


    You'd get a low score per kill but that doesn't matter when you're literally getting all the kills. However, as you move up the skill ladder, you're faced off against players that can easily counter that strategy.

    Assassins Creed 3 Multiplayer: Matchmaking Crap (PC) - 3rd vid in series

    Though doing this fairly challenging, meaning that you have to completely change your playstyle and the way you approach the game. At this point many players that stuck with the game would just quit. I guess it's an example of a FOO strategy in a multiplayer game gone horribly wrong.

    I remember getting pissed off as I barely had a chance and leveling up was a chore, so I stopped. Poison was also locked somewhere between , which provided a huge bonus for survivability and kills. IIRC, in the later games, skills were bought with credits so you could unlock them in any order you wanted. The progression system and stuff like that was a problem. It would have worked better if every one had the same skills and balance them around not having one better than most. I invested about a hundred-plus hours into Brotherhood's multiplayer mode on PC , hitting the level cap and enjoying every minute of it, especially when playing with friends.

    I didn't invest nearly as much time in Revelations, but I still managed to prestige a few times. However, games were getting noticeably harder to find and I wasn't nearly as interested in the Middle East setting as I was with Rome too monochrome for my tastes. By the time AC3 rolled around, I was still enjoying the multiplayer, but the fatigue of unlocking everything again started setting in. I don't think I touched the online component of AC4 at all. I have always posited that if Ubisoft released AC's multiplayer component as a standalone title, it would do okay.

    I wasn't fond of the fact that each release fragmented the already thin playerbase even further. Some preferred Brotherhood's mecanics, so they stuck with it while others moved onto Revelations and likely the same happened from Revelations to AC3.