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Mollusks and freshwater mosses commonly incorporate carbon dissolved in water, rather than the atmosphere, and the isotopic ratio of 14C to 12C in these organisms may be lower than that in the atmosphere. As a result, dated shells and aquatic mosses may be anomalously old. Care is also required in interpreting radiocarbon ages.

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Plant fossils in growth position on a surface over which a landslide travels are ideal material for dating because the landslide killed the plants; in other words, the ages of the fossils and the landslide are the same, given the aforementioned uncertainties. Similarly, radiocarbon ages on growth-position fossils associated with a surface directly below lake sediments deposited in a landslide-dammed lake can be reliably linked to the age of the event.

Unfortunately, such occurrences are extremely rare.

As such, there is no certainty that the organism was killed by the landslide, which is the conceptual assumption many researchers make when interpreting radiocarbon ages on such fossils. It is possible, for example, that a dated piece of wood recovered from landslide debris came from a dead tree, rather than from a living one.

Or the wood may have been recycled from older sediments that were eroded by the landslide and incorporated into its deposit. Another important consideration is the position of the dated rings within the tree.

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  7. Old trees can be of an age of many hundreds of years. The outer rings of trees are those that are nearest the time of death of the tree and should be preferentially selected for dating.

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    It is unlikely, however, that the outer rings of a tree will be preserved in a fragment of wood recovered from a landslide deposit; if they are not, the derived age will be some unknown number of years older than the landslide. Uncertainties related to detrital wood ages can be minimized by dating several fragments of wood.

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    Assuming that each radiocarbon age is reliable, the youngest age will be nearest the age of the landslide. Roy Cape Town , South Africa This site is amazing and really helps me to communicate with all my customers and people all across the globe for all my personal as well as official matters. Thank You World Time Zone.

    Kolkata , India This is a great website to show to my clients who travel to Europe and beyond. Year of the Lord in the year of the Lord Years are designated as after the Christ's birth. The most commonly used convention in radiocarbon dating.

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    So the 3rd millennium and the 21st century began at the same moment - on January 01, Guestbook Entries of the Week. Fort Myers , Florida. I am a travel specialist of Expedia and I always pull this site up for time references. Davao City , Philippines. At one glance I had my answer. Roy Cape Town , South Africa.