Virgin dating an experienced guy

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As it turns out, almost everyone has an awkward sex story to share, whether they were a newbie at the time or not. Sex in itself is an awkward process, and nothing like the movies trust us. If you make a mistake or just don't know what to do , let out a giggle and ask for help or try again—we promise, it's cute. If your SO laughs with you, they're adorbs. If they laugh at you, send them out the door! Being butterfly-filled with new-relationship nerves is one thing. But if a healthy discussion of your partner's past stirs up a strong sense of jealousy or judgment, you might need to reevaluate how you're approaching the relationship.

A new partner can't reverse the relationship decisions they made in the past, and honestly, they shouldn't feel the need to. Chances are, they aren't too happy about their exes either—otherwise, they wouldn't be exes!

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And even if things with previous hook-ups or dates ended amicably, they're with you now, which is all that matters. You should never judge your partner's experience, just as you expect them to not judge your lack of experience. Humans learn from experience, so an SO might unintentionally make generalizations about all relationships based on their specific experiences in past relationships.

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Who can blame them? These expectations can exist in all aspects of a relationship, sexual or otherwise. Let's say Sarah and Sasha are dating, and Sasha's old girlfriend was a huge proponent of hanging out together all the time. Sasha may expect Sarah to be just as social, while Sarah may require more personal space than Sasha's ex. Is their relationship destined to fail? Expectations aren't synonymous with wants, and any experienced SO is going to have to adapt to different types of partners—that's what dating is all about. Laying out what each party needs in an SO from the onset is a surefire way to set boundaries, but we understand that serious talks aren't always practical in new or un-defined relationships.

In that case, just drop clear hints as you go along—don't expect to be dating a mind-reader! Sexual boundaries are immensely important. For a happy and healthy sex life, both parties should always be consenting and never pressured into anything they're uncomfortable with. There's no need to feel guilty about saying no to sex or oral, or even excessive cuddling if you aren't feeling into it, and don't let your partner convince you otherwise.

If they're mean to you about "missing out," they can go back to their ex! Of course, going back to the give-and-take, validate how your partner's feeling and work on coming to an un-coerced compromise. He's my first boyfriend, and [the] first guy I've done anything with, so I told him that I wanted to take it slow, and he's done just that.

Your new relationship is about you and your partner , and no amount of previous experience can automatically generate chemistry between you two! So all in all, don't sweat it if you're feeling inexperienced.

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There's nothing more rewarding than learning together in a relationship, and as long as neither of you get muddled up in the past, it probably won't have any effect on your success at all! To her, it was a revelation. New relationships are tricky territory, regardless of the circumstances. So hold your head high, and flaunt your experience or lack-thereof with pride.

Being inexperienced is a-okay, and besides, you have more important things to worry about like where to go for your next adorable date. She studied at Vassar College and held additional internships at Cosmopolitan.


Emily loves emojis, Beach Body workouts, and her cats. She takes pride in her single mysteriously-white eyelash. Skip to main content. Be prepared for your partner to ask potentially awkward questions. Relationships are a give and take. Feeling uneasy about your uneven histories is normal. Still, I've seen some chicks at 19 or 20, that had what I call "red hot asses". Huh, would I love to spank them. But I have no problem having sex and teaching a younger girl the tricks.

What I've learned from 7 years of telling guys I'm a virgin

I will just have to be careful so she enjoys it. Experience will come with time. Hmm being experienced it wouldn't bother me either way. Plus not all virgins bleed its all according. But Blood doesn't bother me. I wouldn't mind dating a virgin at all just that I would have to be patient if she wants that type of relationship but not many virgins are around it seems. But a experienced girl may keep up with my desires but it is fun to teach a girl to please a guy.

Yea, I wouldn't have sex with a girl below the age of consent, which is 18 in California.

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Although most of my encounters are with girls older than I am or the same age, I wouldn't mind doing it with someone younger. I think 16 is a bit too young, although nothing would gross me out. About the blood, really I have no problem seeing blood in any situation. Also, it's different from girl to girl, some girls don't bleed. The guy also has to interact with the girl, she has to be telling him what is going on.

I've so far only seen small bleeding, noting serious. Some girls already have thy hymen break without ever having sex. My current girlfriend was a virgin before we made love, she's 18, and I would just teach her stuff. Besides, in most sexual encounters, I care more about giving the woman the time of her life, although she better gives me a good one, too! Be the first girl to share an opinion and earn 1 more Xper point! To older experienced guys, does having sex with a virgin bother you?

I would just imagine that if you're used to having sex you'd want a sexual partner that has some experience and knows what she is doing. Would the blood gross you out afterwards? You'd have to be attracted to this girl, would it gross you out more if she were younger? Would you be ok with it if she were your age? Do guys like a girl with a small clit and small lips or do guys like bigger lips?

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Guys, do you like just making out with a girl sex not included?