Hook up deca broadband adapter

If I take the connected HR20 off the network, the router works fine again.

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Just wondering if anyone knows what I'm not doing. I'm not even trying to do whole home yet, just trying to get them hooked up as individual receivers using the SWM components and readying them for Whole Home activation. I haven't done anything with the HR24 yet, waiting until I solve this issue first.

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Thanks for the reply. What's odd is that when I connected each receiver, it let me do the entire setup without a problem. Since I have no phone lines attached to the receivers, wouldn't it have had to utilize the internet connection for certain parts of the setup, like the downloading of guide information or for verification of my receivers?

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If so, I'm not sure why they were able to access the internet when my computers couldn't. Are they somehow hijacking the router from everything else on the network?

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  • They really don't need access to DTV for setup - they get authorization and other information from the satellite feed. I thought it might be the adapter conflicting with the router, but I have it connected now with both the ethernet and coax cables and it is not causing a problem.

    Do I need to set some network settings in the setup menu of the receiver? Since neither of my HR20's is currently connected to the network, I'll try connecting the HR24 and see what happens. I can't imagine what's going on, but are these HRs possibly? No, they're definitely HR's.

    MoCA with my Directv House?

    However, the HR24 is actually a HR I hooked it up and, for the most part, it seems to be working fine. I say "for the most part" because it says my STB Services are working, but that the connection test failed. Not sure what that means.

    As far as the HR20's, I'm still having the same problem. When I hook one up, it kills the internet for everything else; disconnect it and internet is back. I've tried entering the network settings manually and giving each receiver it's own reserved, static IP address, but still no success. The purpose of the Deca adapter is to attach your DirecTV box to the Internet, which gives you excess to several features.

    Deca is required for multi-room viewing. A Deca unit is not necessary in every room, but is needed in at least one unit to gain DVR and On Demand functionality.

    Ethernet over COAX (MoCA)

    The Deca package comes with three components. The first is the Deca Adapter, which connects an Ethernet connection to a coaxial cable so that your DirecTV box can be connected to the Internet. The next part is a splitter, which is used to split your cable internet connection so that it can be attached to both your Internet modem and to your receivers, or to multiple receivers at once. Last is the power supply, which powers the device.

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    This is available on most newer receivers and almost all current HD receivers, but may need an adapter for use with older SD Receivers. The HR and H20 require an extra adapter, a band-pass filter, to work properly with the Deca adapter. The receivers are connected first to the band-pass filter, which is then connected to the Deca.